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Pixel Fighters

In Arsuk, winter is eternal. Snow is the main resource to trade goods, and monsters are threatening the safety of the small town...You are one of the heroes sent to deal with those issues ! Fight, craft your equipment, train and get better skills and be the best fighter in this new old-school RPG on Discord !

Pixel Fighters is your old school, turn-based RPG where NFTs are your gear ! Fight monsters, level up and improve your skills, take jobs, craft new gear and be the best warrior out there !

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PFpaper : https://pfpaper.cigalepixel.com/

Dodo Care Center

Your dodos fight all day to be the best on the arena. Now you can also take care of them ! Take your best tools and be the caretaker they dreamed about.

You will be ranked according to your care score. Every month a new season will begin and rank caretakers. At the end of the season, the best among you will earn WAX, tools, dodos from the `coindodocard` collection and NFT from the `cigalepixeld` collection !

Every season will be different : bonus for categories of care tools, boost for some dodos...there will be random elements to be sure everyone determined enough can win. I don't intend this as a boring project when you type !care every 2 hours and move on.

Exclusive NFT : I try to give every NFT I make cool use cases, but they are also here to be collected ! Get the seasonal trophy, the medals and more.

A leaderboard will allow you to see who are the best caretakers and their tools.

Fan-Art : Underp Collection

The Underpunks are rat-like humanoids living way below a retro futuristic 1980s Cyberpunk City

Deep beneath the cyberpunks there lies a dark forgotten world of dangerous work and thoughtless deeds. Its inhabitants, adept and rodent-like, have never seen the dying sun fall on morning dew. They have never tasted acid rain. This is a colder world. A world without fire. This is the world of "The Underpunks" where all are born with a place to dig, a hole to sleep in, and the same relentless dream.

There is a saying in the deep treacherous dark. "You can never have enough light." The dim glow of the shaggy blue-green moss carried by the poorest underpunks, can barely light the step behind you, let alone the one in front. But for those who dare to venture beyond the shifting sands, to the endless dark of the Queens Quarry where even luminous moss fears to grow. Those gallant adventurers, armed with nothing but a finely tuned shovel, know a different light. The all coveted Shard.

The mystery of how Shards become is not a question an Underpunk contemplates, but to paint a Shard with the breath of song is a sight one never tires of. Wealth to an Underpunk is not measured by how many spiders one shepherds or the size of your hole. Wealth to an Underpunk is measured in song, for the poor have no Shard to sing too.

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